What Others Are Saying About Us...

Are you like me? When I am checking out a group to join, I always read what others in the group are saying about it. These are real, and unsolicited! We thank our members very much for acknowledging the work that we do to make this the best group ever!  We feel that our members are the friendliest and most interesting people we could ask for, and we delight in having the most integrated and interesting art league meetings of any in the valley.

What’s not to love?

I’ve enjoyed lectures packed w/intriguing information, visuals, & personal perspectives; visited beautiful exhibits, shared yum food, communed w/art-savvy group members — what’s not to love?


Lot’s of variety, all inclusive!

Outstanding leader who provides lots of variety of events to be as close to ALL inclusive of such a group. Calendar is always filled with interesting and beneficial events.


Second to none

Kaz is a phenomenal leader. The programs she puts together are top rated. She makes this meetup group second to none.


I really did improve!

I really did improve! I’m grateful for your teaching expertise and genuine interest in helping others benefit from learning to draw. What a surprise to see the difference between my first drawing of my own hand and the last one.”