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Please read our FAQ for valuable information about how our website and membership work. 

We welcome men and women 21 years of age and over, of any marital status, artists and art and cultural enthusiasts. This is not a dating website, although some single members have found significant others because of shared interests. Our hosted events are led by a Host who follows our ideals and standards to provide the best possible friendly and helpful experience for you.

We research and skillfully organize Select Events each month, provide explicit directions and parking options, save seats when possible, make reservations and accommodations when necessary, and introduce you to each member present so that you feel safe and comfortable, and instantly have someone to strike up a conversation with like interests. Our members comment about how much they enjoy the camaraderie of being with such friendly people interested in the same types of things. Isn’t that what you’re searching for, too?                

We give you several options for joining in on the fun: a Quarterly 3-month membership, or a Yearly 12 month membership that includes a year membership in our AEAZ Art League for artists, and also includes a one year membership in our larger Art Explorer Meetup group for the more general events. As a Member in our Art Explorers AZ Art League you are eligible to apply for entry in the juried art shows of the Arizona Art Alliance. 

You may jump in and out with the Quarterly plan and your account will remain on hold until you activate it again. NOTE that the Quarterly plan does not include membership in the AEAZ Art League.

We’ll keep the light on for you….It’s your lifestyle and your choice!

To maintain the integrity of a private website and membership, please NOTE:  

There is No free Trial Period.  There are NO Refunds.

Pay-As-You-Go Membership
$ 20 per quarter
4 quarters: April-June, July-Sept, October-Dec, January-March
Private registration hidden from public eye
Reserved Seating
Private Group Text Chat for Events
Discount on AEAZ Classes and Workshops
Access to private, inclusive arts and cultural Select Events that you will never see on our AEMeetup site
Pay-as-you-go designed for your lifestyle
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