Is being Artistic an inborn talent…or can it be learned?

Are we born with artistic skills?  Or can we actually learn how to be artistic?

There truly are some who feel that artistic talent is something that we are born with to only a few privileged to have it.  I think you’ll find that most of those with this belief are artists!  AND by people who have tried to do art but failed.

This common belief is a MYTH!  Yes, some of us may have popped out into this world with a pencil or paint brush in our hands or a keyboard under them, but it is a fact that we can learn how to draw or paint or play the piano…or whatever artistic medium you wish to use!

How do I know? I was fortunate to be one who began realistic drawing at an early age, about 5. I drew realistic charcoal portraits of my cat and dog, and about anything else, as an escape mechanism from reality.  However, over the years of formal education and then teaching others how to draw, and seeing the incredible results…I can only say that the ordinary person who claims to only draw “stick figures” (that they are NOT artists), indeed CAN learn how to be accomplished artists with the right instruction!

Ahhhhh...the “right instruction”!  How can I say this? Because I personally experienced it as a college instructor.  The first drawing class I taught  I used classic drawing techniques and saw very little improvement in my adult class of 20 students. Frankly, it was frustrating for them and me both! Then I discovered Right Brain drawing and it change my world and that of all my students from that moment on!  Some “switched” within two weeks of beginning the class and went on to sell their work professionally!  Others took a little longer, but ALL students improved significantly if they came to class and did their work. Even a quadriplegic in my class who could only make 50% of the classes due to transportation issues, gained greater use of his hand dexterity and substantially increased his self-esteem as his art changed.

It really is about being able to “see” what is really there, and not the 25% the brain substitutes as symbolism. Over the years I’ve come to teach my drawing classes by incorporating whole brain learning techniques with classic skills for a more complete learning process. I love it when students come in saying, “You’ll never be able to teach me to draw”, many of which have never held a pencil for the purpose of drawing…yet they were some of the first to “switch”!  It’s about understanding how the brain functions and applying the techniques until it becomes a natural process.

It is tragic that so many children, even adults, are emotionally scarred by parents, siblings, peers, teachers, and others who laugh, snicker, or criticize someone’s art. Most of this occurs as young children as the trauma of embarrassment locks them into their left hemisphere, denying them the pleasure and freedom of access to their artistic right hemisphere. Forever after, they freeze at the mere thought of “drawing” (or whatever the art form is), and their left hemisphere will substitute its stylized images of the subject, instead of “seeing” it as it really is. It can be compared to “stage fright” when performing before an audience. Frankly, teaching people to “switch” and draw beautifully is easy — it’s getting them to “see” their own progress that is the most difficult task, and takes the bulk of the class schedule! 

So…can you now understand how the “talent” theory is a MYTH? If you still need convincing, then do attend one of my drawing classes and dare yourself!  In my 6-8 week classes, I offer a 100% guarantee that you will learn how to draw or your money back!

My mission is to stamp out these errant Myths about “in-born talent”!  It’s a product of emotional scarring and bad teaching, which we’ve all been exposed to at some point in our lives. Experience “the switch” for yourself!  It will alter your perspective of your daily life as you “notice” and become aware of everything around you. It is a life-changing experience.