Sharing my view of the world is how I approach my art. All my art begins with a photograph. My goal is to share things with you the way I see them. Sometimes, I capture that vision straight out of the camera. At other times, it means creating the image I had in mind when taking the photograph by digitally reworking it until I achieve the desired look and feel. I love texture and color and always take them into consideration when choosing things and places to photograph.

Every day brings interesting and intriguing opportunities to capture images that impress or inspire. I love to travel and look for new subject matter where ever I go.I especially love wildlife photography, connecting with animals on a one-to-one level and meeting their gaze whenever possible, and floral and macro photography, looking for interesting lines and curves.

The beauty of wherever I am, is my canvas. I love looking at things from a different perspective from the average person, and often go in search of unusual shapes and textures. Those unexpected or unplanned images are some of the ones that I am happiest with.

My joy comes from capturing and creating images that evoke a sense of wonder or remembrance for those that see it.I am deeply connected to my work, and my hope is that you will feel that connection as well.

I am glad to have you along on my journey as I share my view of the world, one image at a time.