I have worked in a wide variety of mediums throughout my many careers in art. I am currently working with some new mediums that are very exciting as they combine many of my interests and skills into one and I hope to release them soon..

The images here are a sampling of my exploration of mediums I’ve played with in the past few years. The first is a photograph of my Art Explorers group members inside a light installation on a SMOCA docent tour. The three recent etchings are from my documentary photos of the Tarahumara Indians I captured in the late 1980’s. The last four are Plein Air works of mixed media, watercolor, and pastel.

My lifetime love has been documentary photography, and now I’m having fun documenting the landscapes I visit and people I meet with my Plein Air and studio art. Alas…my Adventure Guide, AAA Board, and VCAS Founder obligations preclude me from creating as much as I would like to.