These are the questions most often asked about how we run our community.

If you don’t find your question answered here, please send it to our team and we will reply as quickly as possible!

Can anyone join?
  • Human adults age 21 and over are encouraged to join
  • Be in good standing in our Meetup AE group, if applicable
  • One individual of a couple may join and add their significant other as a plus 1 to each event sign up. However please keep in mind:
    • There occasionally are limited events that prohibit a plus 1
    • It is recommended that each part of a couple sign up individually for maximum benefit and flexibility and expression of their individuality
What is the Comparison of Memberships?

IMPORTANT: There is No free Trial Period. There are NO Refunds. This is a private website.

We have Two Membership Levels from which to choose:


  • Specific 3-month access quarters: 1) January/February/March, 2) April/May/June, 3) July/August/September, 4) October/November/December
  • $20 per quarter – this allows you to pick and choose which quarter(s) you wish to access, handy for seasonal residents and travelers
  • Your account information is archived so that you may jump in and out and not have to re-apply! Simply access your account and pay for what you need
  • Your access to see future events and the ability to RSVP will be blocked when your Quarter term expires


  • Access to private, inclusive art and cultural Select Events that we have arranged just for AEAZ.  (Per event fees may apply). These you will never see on our AEMeetup site, and sometimes no where else!
  • Advance notice to any shared event listings with AEMeetup (when possible.
  • If a limited RSVP event fills up on AEAZ, it will not be listed on AEMeetup


  • Full access all year long starting from payment date
  • $45 per year. Total Value is $90 for all access paid separately + a year Membership in our Art Explorers AZ Art League + a year Art Explorers Meetup membership!
  • Art Explorers Meetup fee waived (Value = $10/year) so you will have automatic access on our AEMeetup website to the more general 15-20 events per month posted there
  • Eliminates the hassle renewing for Quarter segments and ending up paying more separately
  • A Great Deal if you wish seamless access to all that we provide with both websites


  • One year Membership in Art Explorers AZ Art League
  • Eligibility to enter Arizona Art Alliance Juried Art Shows
  • Access to private, inclusive, arts and cultural Select Events we have arranged just for AEAZ.  (Per event fees may apply). These you will never see on our AEMeetup site, and possibly no where else at all!
  • Advance notice to any shared event listings with AEMeetup (when possible)
  • If a limited RSVP event fills up on AEAZ, it will not be listed on AEMeetup
  • Limited discounts for certain Art Adventures with Kaz tours and trips

NOTE: All membership levels have Lower fees for our ticketed events, compared to the same shared event if listed on AEMeetup website (due to the higher CC fees on Meetup). The Quarterly Plan does NOT qualify for Art League Memberships.

What is the difference between this Art Explorers AZ website and the Art Explorers Meetup website?

Glad that you asked! Lots!

Memberships in Art Explorers AZ and Art Explorers Meetup are independent of each other — neither are required for the other

This Art Explorers AZ (AEAZ) website:

  • Available to adults age 21 and over
  • Fee of $20 per quarter, or
  • $45 yearly fee (including a one year membership in AEMeetup + a one year AEAZ Art League Membership)
  • There is No free Trial Period.  There are NO Refunds.
  • private members area protecting your privacy
  • Select Events are closed to public view
  • offers inclusive Select Events for those seeking more personal and uncommon art, cultural, and group experiences
  • encourages a community of responsible adults with similar interests
  • First Choice for shared events with AEMeetup
    • classes,workshops, and trips will be posted to both websites subject to filling on AEAZ first
    • cheaper event costs due to less credit card fees for ticketed events, compared with AEMeetup fees

Art Explorers on Meetup (AEMeetup):

  • Open to adults 21 and over in good standing
  • Dues of $10 per year (from date of joining)
  • Public view of your personal photo, profile, and RSVP status
  • All events are open to public view
  • Shared events are listed only if space available after they are first listed on AEAZ membership site.
  • Access to classes, workshops, and trips only after first being listed on AEAZ membership site.
  • More expensive ticketed events (due to higher credit cared fees on the Meetup platform)
  • No access to the special Select Events or Great Arizona Artist Series™ available to AEAZ members.

If you like what you experience through AEMeetup, meeting some of our AEAZ members, and would like MORE, or…you are interested in experiencing special and exclusive art and cultural encounters, then please join us in Art Explorers AZ!

Why have TWO websites?

Great question!  Kaz founded Art Explorers AZ on Meetup in February of 2014 to meet new friends interested in Art and Culture. It quickly grew to be the largest Art and Cultural group in Arizona!  Many kinds of events were explored and the focus was to attract as many members as possible with a free membership. It soon became evident that being “free” attracted too many lookers and others who were irresponsible by signing up for events and never showing. This became a concern for many events with restricted RSVP’s and when 3rd party reservations had to be made. Soon too many would sign up for an event and no one showed! This is a pervasive problem in the Meetup community as a whole, and getting worse.

So….Kaz and the Board of Directors made the decision to strive for Quality over quantity by charging a yearly membership fee to include requests from members. ArtExplorersAZ.com website was started in response to many members who wished to do special things with smaller, more manageable groups, and with more responsible members. A stand alone website also provides a platform for multiple pages for our many programs, unlike the Meetup platform which is simply an event listing service. Art Explorers AZ strives to assist all phases of artists, from fledgling beginners to accomplished artists, with monthly Art Meetings, mini-classes that explain “How to become a Successful Artist”, and access to exhibit in Art Shows through our AEAZ Art League membership in the Arizona Art Alliance, and with our yearly Art Show “Art for HIV” that benefits the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS.

While Meetup has its issues pertaining to member responsibility, it is a social tool that many like, so we provide both for your access and enjoyment. Our simple $10/year Meetup dues fee is weeding out the “chaff” so that we are becoming an intentional community of responsible adults with common Art and Cultural interests. Please visit us at www.Meetup.com/Art-Explorers, check out our past events, read our Group Reviews, see our upcoming events, and give us a two week test-drive for free. Membership in each of our groups is independent of the other, so feel free to join whichever one appeals to you….or both…for the best of both worlds!

What are Select Events and how do they differ from “regular” events?

Excellent question!  Regular events are open to all membership levels, and most regular events are found on the AEMeetup website.  Most of these regular events are free to attend, while some have inherent fees such as museum entrance fees, or dinners, or theater plays, etc. These fees are usually pay-on-your-own. Regular events may be symphonies, concerts, festivals, artist receptions and gallery openings, and the more general public events that you can find all over the valley.

Select Events are invitations for private, inclusive, selected cultural and arts events and presentations such as the Art Movie Nights, Great Arizona Artist Series, dinner and a special performance, and other one-of-a-kind events that we will be scheduling throughout the year. Select Events are visible to and accessed by the Semester and Yearly memberships only on this AEAZ website.  These are very special events with usually limited seating, and limited to a small group of AEAZ members. This allows us to have a closer, more comfortable experience meeting members, conversing, and getting to know each other at a deeper level in a safe environment.

Do I need to use a recognizable photo and give personal information to become a Member?

Yes. This is a secure, private area closed to the public. You may use any “User Name” that you like which is displayed to the other AEAZ members. ALL of your other personal info is ONLY visible to Kaz and the trusted webmaster. We do NOT store credit card/financial info on this website!

Why do I need to upload my photo and personal info?

  1. a) It is helpful for the Hosts to be able to recognize who is coming to our events! It is very frustrating in the Meetup group to not know who someone is when they used a photo of their dog, or an art piece.  We can understand member’s concerns when the profiles are visible to the public!  They are NOT available to the public here!
  2. b)This is a private website where we are striving to attract conscious, reliable, honest members who are interested in being part of a community of the same. If someone is a “looker” and doesn’t want to be included in this concept, then these requirements will not be attractive to them.
  3. c)Your real name is ONLY visible to Kaz and the webmaster! You may opt to use a “handle”, or initials, or a nickname, or make up a name for your actual profile User Name that is visible to other members. Therefore, your real name is not associated with your photo, and nothing is accessible by the public.
How can I become a Host?

Thank you for asking!  We are always looking for the right mix of people to host our events — to have multiple hosts with their own personalities to bring into the mix is optimal.

So that everyone starts out on the same page and that we have the consistency that members look for at an event, we:

  • show up early to secure seating, when possible
  • greet people with a friendly attitude
  • are able to switch gears when plans go awry and find quick and appropriate solutions
  • operate with professionalism while still being personable
  • we actually help train our hosts and co-host with them until they feel comfortable on their own
  • no set number of events to host — do as many or few as you like!

Why do we do all of this?  When I attended numerous other group events before founding AEAZ, most of the hosts didn’t even bother showing up, or they were unfriendly and never greeted me or introduced anyone, and generally stuck with their little click of friends on their own. Even worse was when some male hosts thought it a great opportunity to hit on the women…or female hosts using the position to hit on men!  NOT in Art Explorers AZ!  We are NOT a singles/dating group!  We strive to provide safe and skillfully organized events for your enjoyment and peace of mind!

If you love interacting with people, and think you can learn to lead a group, and you would like to invite your AEAZ friends along to the events you want to see, then contact Kaz HERE. We look forward to talking with you soon!