These are the questions most often asked about how we run our community.

If you don’t find your question answered here, please send it to our team and we will reply as quickly as possible!

Can anyone join?
  • Human adults age 18 and over are eligible to join
  • Pay our yearly dues fee (no trial period)
  • Create within one or more of the accepted disciplines, OR
  • become a supporting art appreciator member of the arts
Is this only for Visual Arts, or what Media are accepted into this Art League?

Unlike other art leagues, VCAS is open for membership to virtually ALL “art” media! We believe it is right and most beneficial to showcase and combine multiple art disciplines together. 

Which category fits you best…or multiple categories?

  • Visual/2-D:  oil & acrylic painting, drawing, pastel, watercolor, encaustic, photography, digital photography, film, video, collage, mixed media, graphic design, murals, print work: etching, engraving, mono, block, and more
  • 3-D:  metal, glass, jewelry, wood, resin, stone, ceramic, mixed media
  • Music: vocals, bands/groups, songwriters, composers, instrumental, digital
  • Written Word:  poetry, short stories, prose, storytelling
  • Performance Art:  ALL dance forms, drama/acting, opera
  • Culinary: the art of food and drink preparation and presentation
What does a Membership consist of?

IMPORTANT: There is No free Trial Period. There are NO Refunds. This is a private website.


  • Full access all year long
  • $35 per year
  • Our year runs from February 1 to February 1


  • Eligibility to enter Arizona Art Alliance Juried Art Shows
  • Monthly meetings featuring a variety of activities and events
  • Multi-discipline events per meeting
  • Art demonstrations/mini-workshops at each meeting
  • Plein Air outings
  • Art/cultural tours


What is the difference between this VCAS website and the VCAS Meetup website?

Glad that you asked! Lots!

Memberships in this Valley Cultural Art Society (VCAS) and VCAS Meetup are independent of each other — neither are required for the other. You may join one or both.

This VCAS website:

  • Available to adults age 18 and over
  • $35 yearly fee 
  • Our year begins February 1 to February 1
  • There is No free Trial Period.  There are NO Refunds.
  • Private members area protecting your privacy
  • Private FORUM where members can discuss artistic conversations and comments and collaborations
  • Encourages a community of responsible adults with a variety of artistic interests
  • Online Portfolio to showcase your art to the public

Valley Cultural Art Society on Meetup (VCASMeetup):

  • Open to adults 18 and over who register
  • Free to join
  • Public view of your personal photo, profile, and RSVP status
  • Membership in VCASMeetup does NOT give you access to this website
  • Membership in VCASMeetup does NOT qualify you to enter any VCAS art shows or competitions until your membership fee is paid for this VCAS website
  • Membership in VCASMeetup does NOT allow you to enter into any AZ Art Alliance shows or competitions under our name until your membership fee is paid for this VCAS website
  • Events posted on VCASMeetup will announce Valley Cultural Art Society Art League monthly meetings and other events

If you like what you experience through VCASMeetup and would like to become an active participant in our art shows, popup, and other events, then please become a paid member of this VCAS Art League.

Why have TWO websites?

Valley Cultural Art Society began as our Art Explorers AZ Art League in 2015 as we met in private homes with an informal format of artists and art appreciators, food, and camaraderie. Kaz has always held the vision of our art league being organized and meeting in a place open to the public, while integrating a wide variety of artistic disciplines.

VCAS strives to assist all phases of artists, from fledgling beginners to accomplished artists, with monthly informative Art Meetings, mini-classes, and access to exhibit in Art Shows through our VCAS membership in the Arizona Art Alliance, and with our yearly Art Show “Art for HIV” that benefits the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS.

While Meetup has its issues pertaining to member responsibility, it is a social tool that many like, and it reaches the masses very effectively, so we provide both for your access and enjoyment. 

Please visit us at Meetup.com/VCASMeetup and check out what’s new, read our Group Reviews, and see our upcoming meetings and events,  Membership in each of our VCAS groups is independent of the other, so feel free to join whichever one appeals to you….and remember that to participate fully as an artist, membership in this VCAS website is where it happens.

Do I need to use a recognizable photo and give personal information to become a Member?

While it is preferred, it is not required. This is a secure, private area closed to the public. You may use any “User Name” that you like which is displayed to the other VCAS members. ALL of your other personal info is ONLY visible to Kaz and the trusted webmaster. We do NOT store credit card/financial info on this website!

Why would I need to upload my photo and personal info?

  1. It is helpful when attending our meetings and art shows to be able to recognize who you are! It is very frustrating in the Meetup group to not know who someone is when they use a photo of their dog, or an art piece.  We can understand member’s concerns when the profiles are visible to the public!  They are NOT available to the public here! They are only visible if and when you post your portfolio for the public to see.
  2. This is a private website where we are striving to attract conscious, reliable, honest, and creative members who are interested in being part of a community of the same. If someone is a “looker” and doesn’t want to be included in this concept, then these requirements will not be attractive to them. They can remain in the free VCASMeetup group.
  3. Your real name is ONLY visible to Kaz and the webmaster! You may opt to use a “handle”, or initials, or a nickname, or make up a name for your actual profile User Name that is visible to other members. Therefore, your real name is not associated with your photo, and nothing is accessible by the public. This is an opportunity for anyone who wishes to be known by a pseudonym or stage name instead of their real name.
How can I become more involved in VCAS?

Thank you for asking!  We are always looking for the right mix of people to help with our various committees that actually define and run the group. These committees encompass membership, logistics/location, guest demonstrations, critiquing, blog articles, workshops, website maintenance, food, marketing, social media, art show venues and collaborations, and sponsorship.

If you love interacting with people and feel that you would like to take a more immersive part in our league, then please contact Kaz HERE. You can take as small or large a role as you wish or have time for.  Art appreciators are very welcome!  Government and planning of, by, and for our artistic community is our vision for Valley Cultural Art Society. We welcome your help.

Why charge for being in an Art League?

Surely you realize that there are numerous expenses to owning and maintaining a website, renting space for meetings, paying for membership in the Arizona Art Alliance, and other expenses related to conducting business as a professional organization.

There are twenty other Art Leagues in the AZ Art Alliance who charge between $25 and $65 per year for their memberships, so our fees are normal. Thank you for this opportunity to clarify why fees are necessary.

What's the point of VCAS being a member of the AZ Art Alliance?

Great Question!  Being a member of AAA allows our paid members to be eligible to enter AAA’s juried art competitions and shows, pop-up events, and other venues and opportunities. We as a singular League benefit greatly from being a member of a non-profit Alliance of 20+ Leagues, as the power of many is greater than the power of one.