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To Learn, or not to Learn, from an Artist!

Not all artists can teach! Does that surprise you? So, when we have the opportunity to learn from a teaching artist, it’s a good thing!  With so many pseudo-art classes popping up over the valley (art & wine events, etc), it gives people the false sense that they are actually learning how to paint. It’s fine for a fun night out, but if you really want to learn how to paint, or to draw, or learn how to use interesting mediums together (Mixed Media), or learn blacksmithing, or mosaics, etc, then check out our offerings!

When Art Explorers lists a class or workshop, you can be confident that the instructor is accomplished in their field and you will actually learn techniques and real content that will help you move forward in your artistic path. And you are supporting a real artist working in his or her career.

Enjoy your journey!

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