Art Adventures with Kaz™

is a series of skillfully curated getaways within Arizona and beyond that offer something unique or intriguing in the art and cultural world, to investigate and capture with Art Journaling, painting, or photography, or simple cultural appreciation.

NO skills are needed…just a desire to experience and enjoy art and culture of where we go!

Plein Air Day Trips: Photography, Sketching, Culture Appreciation

Perfect for those who want to get out of the city but only have a small window of time. These local day trips are to little traveled areas in our own state where everyone has the opportunity to experience fascinating cultural events, beautiful art, or live nature.  With the freedom of the open road, intriguing new adventures with like-minded companions, there’s no better renewal for both the mind and soul.

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Weekend Getaways

Our most popular, these 1-2-3 day Adventures get you out to experience the thrills of special Festivals, Nature Walks, cabins to canyons, famous destinations, and hidden gems. We offer one of two plans depending on the destination: one where we coordinate the carpooling and caravaning and end-point details, and the other where all the details are taken are taken care of — accommodations, guides, and transportation, so all you need to do is show up with an open mind and be ready to experience and enjoy

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Once-in-a-Lifetime Expeditions

For many, there comes a time when one feels a great need to explore: to immerse in other cultures, taste exotic foods, view their local art scene, drink in mesmerizing scenery and the locale. For some, this desire strikes once or twice a year, for others perhaps only once in a lifetime. These adventures are tailored to both choices offering uncommon, exclusive events with ‘People-to-People’ experiences, lodging, and cultural immersion carefully planned for you. Leave the planning to us and simply step onto the bus, train or plane and into one of the best memories of your life.

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Memories to Last a Lifetime

“If you ever want to have a phenomenal day and a half you need to go on an “Adventure with Kaz”!!! Awesome sites, not one minute wasted, enjoyed the company of friends, made new friends, have memories that will last a lifetime.”