We're not just any Art League!

We hold the belief that the Arts should be inclusive, to bring together all disciplines to learn and share with each other. We desire experiences that are beyond traditional, created by us, for us, and the world! But most of all, we want to create a community of support and  space for people to express their creative and artistic skills.

Before each meeting we offer a SAFE place to positively critique your art, be it visual, performing, or spoken art. Visual art critiquing is done with the perspective that a juror takes when jurying an online entry into an art competition.  By taking this approach, we eliminate the fear or unknown as our artists become familiar with the jurying process and thus gain greater acceptance into art shows. Visitors may watch and comment on the critiquing, but only paid VCAS members may bring art work to critique.

During our meetings we strive to bring mini-workshops, technique demonstrations, performances, and food sharing. If this meets your interests, then we would love for you to join our like minded artist community as we explore, create, and give voice at a time when the world needs these creative connections that only the Arts can provide!


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An Arts  League of a Different Concept!


Kaz’s concept of an “Arts League” encompasses most art mediums, including performance arts, musical arts, spoken word, visual, fiber, sculpture, culinary, and many more genres. These are normally excluded in “Fine Art” leagues and shows. VCAS strives to bring them all together, integrated into a whole. Not unlike Frank Lloyd Wright’s artistic events at Taliesin West, an integration of multiple art genres is as “natural” as the desert that we live in.


Kaz’s diverse background in the art world has poerpared her to lead an encompassing arts league. She earned a BS in Sociology and a BAEd in Art Education with honors from Arizona State University, has had five different art careers and owned three successful art businesses. Kaz currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Art Alliance where she is a special Events Coordinator. Additionally, she is the Founder and Adventure Guide for a 2,600+ member Art Explorers Meetup group, plus a smaller private Select Events Community Meetup group.


Kaz’s other accomplishments include Native American teacher, college art instructor, professional/published photographer, photo-documenter of several Indian tribes, photo journalist, commercial artist of high-end Faux Finishes/gilding/Trompe L’oeil/murals/custom stencils, sculpture, Indian silversmithing, jewelry designer & manufacturer, designed & created stage sets, designed & manufactured interior design products, performances in community plays and talent work for a talent agency, and played clarinet and french horn in a band. She was a Docent for the David and Glady’s Wright House in Phoenix, AZ leading 76 tours of Frank Lloyd Wright’s magnificently designed round house.


She has created with charcoal, colored pencils, pen and ink, acrylics, resin, metal foil, watercolor, gouache, chalk & oil pastels, ceramics, metal, wood, semi-precious stones, B&W/color/video photography, a Native American series of etchings, fused glass, and mixed media.


Kaz has taught college-level Beginning and Advanced Drawing, and Design and Composition classes, and occasionally teaches Guaranteed Drawing, Color Mixing, Watercolor and Ink, Plein Air Sketching, very different Wine and Painting workshops, Mixed Media classes using special materials, Dowsing, custom Pendulums, Paper Jewelry, and her specialty, a Faux/Painted Finish course. 


Kaz’s mission is to undo the widespread MYTH that one must be born with “talent” to be an artist. It just isn’t so!  It’s all about how we “see”.



Rodger Labrash

Rodger is a Blacksmith Artist who loves to create art pieces out of forged steel. Rodger owns and operates a real Iron Forge (Blacksmith Shop) with his son Jason, who create and fabricate only custom works for homes, businesses, and developments. His Blacksmith workshops are an uncommon opportunity for our members to try their hand at an ancient skill and make a useful and unique item.

Joanne Senall

I love exploring watercolor and mixed media. My focus now is adventuring into new techniques to build on my portfolio. I’m excited to help beginning watercolor artists to understand the differences in the various materials available, and learn techniques that can simplify their learning curve and prevent frustration. Watercolor is a fun and rewarding medium when using the correct materials and techniques.

Professional Associations:
• Rossmore Art Guild
• Olney Art Association
• Valley Cultural Art Society
• Arizona Art Alliance

Juried Shows:
• The Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Graves’s Society of Washington DC” annual show at Strathmore in Bethesda Maryland
• Sandy Spring Museum Annual art show
• Woodlawn Museum annual Art exhibit
• 2017 Art for HIV at the SW Center for HIV/Aids
• 2018 Taliesin West “Desert Lights” art show


Kaz earned a BS in Sociology and a BAEd in Art Education, with honors, from Arizona State University, has had five different art careers and owned three successful art businesses. 


Kaz teaches art classes and workshops by combining technical skills with brain integration techniques to elicit the most potential from her students. It’s NOT that we are born with inherent talent, it’s that we have experienced negativity toward our past art or creative endeavors, and as adults we must overcome the mental blocks that have been installed. This is what it is really all about and separates producing artists from “I can only draw stick figures” beliefs.

Joanie Wolter

 Joanie’s passion is sculpting with Fiber clay. It’s very easy to work with and a very forgiving medium. Her work tends to be very whimsical.The world we live in these days is fraught with anger, war, and discontent. If one of her sculptures takes your mind off your problems, even for a little while, then she has accomplished her mission.


Having been a public school teacher for 37 years, Joanie loves sharing her knowledge and experience. Combining this passion with her passion for sculpting makes her one happy woman! Being able to show a person how to create a sculpture and take away their fear of trying something new thrills her. When a student walks out of class with a piece of art to be proud of…. Well, it doesn’t get any better than that!

Theresa Lillian

Theresa’s expertise and love is in creating large scale mosaics on property walls. Her community project of a 120′ x 7′ block wall mosaic united an undeserved neighborhood in South Phoenix. Theresa rounds out her skills by producing and teaching mixed media workshops in her art studio. She also frequently offers her home for AEAZ monthly art gatherings.