Are you like me? When I am checking out a group to join, I always read what others in the group are saying about it. The majority of the following comments are located under ‘Group Reviews’ on our Meetup website, while the rest may have been made in a event listing comment, or in private messages to us.

They are real, and unsolicited! We thank our members very much for acknowledging the work that we do to make this the best group ever!  We feel that our members are the friendliest and most interesting people we could ask for, and we delight in exposing them to the art and cultural treasures that we find!

Below is a small sampling of the comments we’ve received:

Outstanding leader who provides lots of variety of events to be as close to ALL inclusive of such a group. Calendar is always filled with interesting and beneficial events.

~ David

I am amazed at how many interesting, unique and fun activities you plan! Very impressive! I hope I can get to more events. See you soon.

~ Cooki

Thank you Kaz, it was nice to meet you. I had a great time at this interesting event. I also found it nearly impossible to select just one as they all were so different and interesting.

~ Linda

Interesting and fun group. Really invested in adding fun to culture.

~ S-Dee

Kaz is a phenomenal leader. The programs she puts together are top rated. She makes this meetup group second to none.

~ Joan

Thank you for serving all the AE members so diligently this year Kaz. I'm sure you helped enlighten the lives of all of us.

~ Skip

Warm and friendly group. I felt very comfortable talking with everybody. I was very glad I went as part of the group because with them I did not feel alone.

~ Michael

I learned a lot about color and mixing acrylics. There's a whole vocabulary in art and an additional one for color. Love the bit where you stare at a color, close eyes and get complements. So much information shared in this class that it would take me a year to thoroughly study it. Kaz's passion for art and color (and her cool CDs) made it so enjoyable. And so did my awesome classmates. Thanks for creating such a great space for us, Kaz!

~ Dave

Thanks so much! This was a Terrific evening. Easy to find, great food, wonderful exhibit...and Regina was amazing, and our group was fantastic...really interesting folks. Thank you for making it happen for us.


I had a great time at the pattern event. Met a few new people and chatted with others. AEAZ just gets better and better!

~ John

Kaz is a strong force and presence in the entire spectrum of the AZ Art community! Totally appreciated the activity AND ESPECIALLY THE WONDERFUL CREATIVE HODGE PODGE GROUP of folks who came along and made it a positive experience! Thanks to all of you fellow Supai adventurers and will be glad for future connections!

~ Laurie

Great group to share creative life experiences with!

~ Karen

I really did improve! I'm grateful for your teaching expertise and genuine interest in helping others benefit from learning to draw. What a surprise to see the difference between my first drawing of my own hand and the last one.

~ Sally

In the short time I've hung out with this group, I've enjoyed lectures packed w/intriguing information, visuals, & personal perspectives; visited beautiful exhibits, shared yum food, communed w/art-savvy group members -- what's not to love?

~ Dana