Community Outreach and Projects

Art Explorers AZ is now shifting into the second phase of growth and development first envisioned by Kaz long ago—that of Community Outreach. One of her basic premises is to teach artists how to become successful in what they love to do, and also to employ artists, instead of asking them to always volunteer! Another premise is to involve the community at every age and economic level, to show them that ART is everything about us and is the unifying force behind STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), which should be STEAM….ART is life itself!

Community Projects come in a variety of sizes and goals, similar to shoes! The task is to find the right fit, like the Prince finding the right foot to fit in the glass slipper left at the ball! The real name of it is Funding! Aligning with Non-Profits for joint projects and applying for grants is one slipper. Securing Sponsors to donate materials and/or money to pay the artists is another. Partnering in a community Fundraiser is another!

The objective is the same: teaching a community to design and paint a wall or fence mural, or design and apply mosaics to a community wall, enliven and lengthen a senior’s life for better health and happiness, help fund medical treatments  for low income patients, or hold a homeless art day for those who would otherwise have zero opportunity to de-stress by creating something, and more….

To create is to initiate a spark within….and that spark has an opportunity to catch fire…and once the fire is started, miracles can and do happen!

If you are so inclined to assist our vision with Community Projects, please do contact us to begin a meaningful dialogue. Thank you!