Art Explorers AZ Hosting Team

Most of our events are Hosted by an AEAZ member in good standing who abides by a code of ethics and standards, and upholds our tenets of being friendly and helpful. After joining us and getting to know us, certain members are invited to become an AEA Host in their geographic and interest areas. They then go through a training and co-host process to ensure their comfort in their Hosting duties.

These are volunteer positions, and we on the Management Team value these Hosts highly for their time and commitment to us and the members! As a result, we have instituted a Thank You System as a small way to show our gratitude for their efforts.

If you have any inkling of wanting to be a Host for Art Explorers AZ, please contact us.

Founder, AEAZ

Creating accomplished drawings in early childhood, Kaz earned a BS in Sociology and a BAEd in Art Education, cum laude, from Arizona State University, has had five different art careers and owned three successful art businesses that span most of her adult life. She has taught college-level Beginning and Advanced Drawing, and Design and Composition classes, and occasionally teaches art classes through AEAZ.

A lifetime of intrigue with world cultures and a curiosity about how things work, Kaz is interested in many art disciplines, science, the brain, quantum physics, mechanics, nature, natural healing, spirituality, people, indigenous cultures, and traveling, for starters…and brings that driven curiosity to Art Explorers AZ with the diverse events that she arranges.

Also a Docent for the David and Gladys Wright House, she is one of its most prolific and ardent supporters, pointing out to tour participants the special design elements that Mr. Wright developed and employed, and the uniqueness of this ‘sleeping castle’ design in the desert.

Kaz has many plans and visions for Art Explorers, from special Select Events that are exclusive to AEAZ members, to exploring art in near and far reaches of Arizona and beyond, to helping artists gain marketing skills and become successful, to collaborating with non-profits and local neighborhoods in community outreach programs, to having lunch with great artists in their studios, and so much more!


Many wonderful artists cannot or prefer not to teach, so we are especially grateful for the artists who can and do teach for us! It is a very different experience to create a work of art from dissecting how it should be taught so that students can easily learn and have a joyful experience. It takes insight, skill, and patience to lead a class from nothing to producing works of art in a class or short workshop! In addition to their busy schedules of working, and producing their own art, they take the time and energy to teach classes for us.

Art Explorers AZ is a dynamic, active and responsible group of artists & art lovers, and anyone interested in art and culture.

Expand your horizons, meet new people, have a great time, maybe even learn a few new skills when you come explore your creative side with us:

  • have fun in a variety of classes and workshops
  • socialize with like-minded friendly members at artist receptions, gallery openings, museum events, art festivals, art lectures, art walks, symphonies, concerts, open mic, plays, art films, poetry, historical home tours, architectural wonders, monthly gatherings, special art venues, and anything we deem “artsy”
  • meet us and begin new friendships and art collaborations
  • chat with us about interesting ideas and information
  • travel with us on special art trips for exceptional Art Adventures in Arizona, other states, and Internationally, while creating lifetime memories
  • you’ll surely find something to interest you from our 25-50 events per month across the Valley, and beyond…

Most events are free while some have inherent costs.  Joining us is by paid subscription of 6 or 12 months plans, and open to adults age 21 and over.  We have a very friendly group of responsible members from all corners of the Metro-Phoenix area, and beyond, who delight in meeting new people and finding camaraderie in our gatherings, who are looking to network and collaborate with other artists, art collectors, and art appreciators, or simply discuss art techniques, philosophy, marketing, et al with someone of like mind.

Our Advantages?

  • We offer some Select Events exclusive only to AEAZ
  • first opt-in for shared events with our Meetup site
  • lower fees to classes, workshops, and special tours
  • an artist gallery (coming soon!)
  • artist resources/marketing training
  • community outreach projects
  • and much more!

Read about some of our past events and check out “What Others Are Saying …” about us to get an idea of who we are and what we do!

PLEASE NOTE: We have a free Meetup site that offers about 6 or so events per month. Some classes and workshops, tours, and common events may be posted as shared events, but know that costs for ticketed items are higher on the Meetup site because of the added Meetup credit card fees. If an event is to be shared, it will be listed first on this AEAZ paid site and will not be offered on the Meetup site if it fills up here.

So why not join us and become part of a great Community of Art Explorers?

AEAZ officially began on February 5, 2014 as the creative vision of Kaz as a Meetup group in the Metro-Phoenix valley. Bored with the typical happy hour or lunch social groups, and unhappy with the selection of meetup groups to meet other artists and art lovers and attend artsy social events with them, Kaz founded AEAZ to meet others of like-mind.

With such a seemingly simple objective, Kaz always had a vision of future possibilities in the back of her mind. She has a remarkable “eclectic” pallet of interests that slowly began to attract others with similar “odd” tastes for events!

But it wasn’t until five months later that she attended the Business Roadmap Entrepreneur courses sponsored by the City of Phoenix, and simultaneously enrolled in a year-long Mentor program via Fresh Start Women’s Foundation that she began to accelerate her dreams and goals.

From a meager 200 members and offering 10 events per month to 1,500+ members and 30+ events per month one year later…..Kaz has been on a meteoric rise steering Art Explorers AZ into one of the most diverse and most interesting and friendly art/cultural groups in all the valley! The enthusiasm is contagious as many events have 40-50+ AEAZ members attending.



Art Explorers AZ is on a mission to spread the word that art IS for everyone! Whether you are an artist or an art lover, you are most welcome! Dive in as much or as little as you are comfortable with—from taking classes and workshops to learn or simply have some Fun, to meeting friendly members at social art and cultural events where many new friendships and lifetime memories are born.

It is a myth that you have to be born with an inherent “talent” to be an “artist”! It is Kaz’s personal mission to show everyone that being able to draw or paint or create art is a matter of shifting one’s “seeing” to ‘how an artist sees’! Previous bad training, negative comments, and social stigma have brainwashed so many into believing that they are not “artists” and can only draw ‘stick figures’! Poppycock! says Kaz, who personally Guarantees her Basic Drawing classes! Art Explorers AZ has a team of talented, warm, and helpful Artist-Teachers who delight in teaching their craft.