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Come explore your Creative side with us!

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Explore Your Creative Side with Us!

Art Explorers AZ is a dynamic, active, and dedicated group for Artists & Art Lovers, and anyone interested in Art and Culture.

  • play, learn, relax in a variety of classes and workshops
  • socialize with like-minded friendly members at artist receptions, gallery openings, museum events, art festivals, art lectures, art walks, symphonies, concerts, plays, art films, poetry, private art gatherings, special art venues, historical homes and architectural masterpieces, and anything we deem “artsy”
  • Come meet us and begin new friendships, maybe even art collaborations
  • Travel with us on special art trips around Arizona, neighboring states, and Internationally for exceptional art experiences while creating lifetime memories
  • You’ll surely find something to interest you from our 25-40 diverse events per month across the Valley!
  • Most events are free while some have inherent costs.

Joining this website is by paid subscription of 1 year plan choices, and open to adults age 21 and over. Please compare plans in the FAQ section before you register.

We have a very friendly group of responsible members from all corners of the Metro-Phoenix area, and beyond, who delight in meeting new people and finding camaraderie in our gatherings, who are looking to network and collaborate with other artists, art collectors, and art appreciators, or simply discuss art techniques, philosophy, marketing, et al with someone of like mind.

We also offer:

  • exclusive only events
  • discounts to classes, workshops, and special tours
  • an artist gallery
  • artist resources/marketing training
  • community outreach projects
  • first opt-in for shared events
  • and much more!

Read about some of our past events and check out What Others Are Saying about us.

So why not join us and become part of a great Community of Art Explorers?

NOTE: We have a free Meetup site that offers about 6 or so events per month. Most classes and workshops and common events may be posted, but know that costs for ticketed items are higher on the Meetup site because of the added Meetup credit card fees.

Thanks so much for your interest. Take a leap and come Explore Your Creative Side with Us, and enjoy the plentiful art and cultural events with our amazing group.

Kaz, Organizer/Founder

We are a friendly group of members age 21-99,  single or married, from all corners of the Metro-Phoenix area, and beyond. We delight in meeting new people and finding camaraderie in our gatherings with those who are looking to network and collaborate with other artists, or simply discuss art techniques, philosophy, marketing, et al with someone of like mind.

Founded in February 2014 by Kaz to fill an important need in the Metro-Phoenix area, we have rapidly out-grown our humble Meetup website. Our vision has always included

  • working closely with artists to help them with marketing and resources to make their mark in the world
  • working with communities to bring art supplies and art to help bring back a sense of “community” into neighborhoods
  • helping reach disadvantaged adults and children by supplying them with tools and instruction, giving them an opportunity to create their dreams, or simply “have fun”
  • to employ artists in these and other projects
  • to spread the word that anyone can be an artist – that it is not an inherited talent
  • that Art is a necessary element in human life that facilitates whole-brain learning, and fosters good-will among all races and cultures

Art Explorers AZ, Inc is a registered corporation operating with non-profit goals and ideals.  All officers and Board of Directors volunteer without pay so that all monies earned may be used for community art project art supplies,paying art instructors, art promotion, scholarships, host expenses, and other operating costs.

We welcome donations of supplies and money. We also have Advertising and Sponsor programs so that you get the recognition that you deserve. Please contact Kaz for more information.

AArt Explorers AZ is on a mission to spread the word <em>that art IS for everyone!</em> Whether you are an artist or an art lover, you are most welcome! Dive in as much or as little as you are comfortable with—from taking classes and workshops to learn or simply have some Fun, to meeting friendly members at social art and cultural events where many new friendships and lifetime memories are born.

“ Warm and friendly group. I felt very comfortable talking with everybody. I was very glad I went as part of the group because with them I did not feel alone. ”— Michael Logan on Dec 13, 2015

“ Great place to connect with other art and music enthusiasts ” – Sheryl Stiles on Dec 9, 2015.

“ Kaz–thank you for the down home hospitality 🙂 great group to get out and see things around town with . good company and conversation . keep it going 🙂 ” — steve magoo on Feb 21, 2015.

“ Kaz is the B.E.S.T. host. So knowledgable and lucky for us all the she puts forth the time and effort to host this meet up. ”— ES on Dec 12, 2015.

“ Hey Kaz, love all the unique things you offer us to do, I can’t make allot of them but, really enjoy the ones I can get to. Thanks for all your hard work doing this for us all to learn and appreciate! ” — Gari on Dec 15, 2015.

“ Great group, really enjoyed chatting with everyone, look forward to getting together again. Thanks Kaz for doing such a great job organizing this! ” — Christina on Dec 12, 2014.

Meet New Friends

Enjoy Art & Culture of Arizona
Explore your Creative Side with Us!